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We are a comprehensive creative and digital design studio with human orientated design at the heart of what we do. We love bringing big ideas to life, we make the complicated simple, we are fiercely independent and we can’t resist a good cookie.



some of our projects

Copperfield Rehabilitation Centre

Website Development

Nick Makwana

Branding, Identity, Website Design & Development, Print Design

Deanwood Lodge

Branding, Identity, Website Design, Signage, Wayfinding, Brochure Design, Stationery Design, Photography,

Planet Hire

Website Design & Development

Priscilla Wakefield House

Branding, Identity, Brochure, Stationery, Website Design & Development, E-News, Photography, Copywriting.

Reliance Autos

Branding, Identity, Website Design & Development, Collateral, Promotion, Social Media

Golden Key Estates

Branding, Identity, Website Design & Development, Stationary Design.

Joshnas Catering & Events

Branding, Identity, Website Design, SEO, E-News, Collateral Design, Menu Design,Exhibition Stand Design

Magic Homes

Website Design & Development

Paul Simon Homes

Website Design & Development


Branding, Identity, Website Design & Development, SEO, Social Media, Print Design, Exhibition Stand Design

Soni Hair & Beauty

Identity Design

Paul Simon Lettings

Website Design & Development

Identity Design, Website Front End Design

Smart Group

Identity Design

Precious Homes

Website Design & Development

Ela Estates

Branding, Website Design & Development, Signage Design, Print Design


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what we do

Times have changed and the way we connect with people has evolved. Gone are the days when you could shout loud at the crowd to get their attention. We believe that to get their attention you have to be part of the crowd. Through insightful strategy, innovative ideas, interactive design and latest technology, we craft experiences and brands that engage with human beings, people that love toast, drink cappuccino’s, drive cars, and love smartphones.


Brand Creation & Positioning
Brand Strategy
Brand Guidelines


Corporate ID
Brand Design
Packaging Design


Website Design & Development
Resposive Sites
Mobile Apps
Interface Design
User experience
Information Architecture
Social Media



our approach



This is where we listen with all ears, ask many and specific questions. We look around and fully discover your business, and everyone around it. This allows us to devise an accurate brief and fully understand your requirements. The first stage of our process is crucial as it gives us all the fire power we need to start your project on solid ground.


Armed with a full head of fresh knowledge and research, we dissect the brief and explore all possible channels and solutions. We generate different ideas and devise possible concepts, we use our left brain, right brain, text books and street smart resources to assess all avenues and provide an effective solution.


We really love this bit. This is when all the hard work in the first 2 steps explodes onto paper and screen. This is when we craft the visuals of your brand and project and look at every small detail and ensure the results are lovable, human oriented and engaging. We will work with you and discuss all our design options over some cookies as we believe that you are a vital part of this process to achieve best results.


Our development teams thoroughly test all digital projects before they go live. We also work with excellent printing firms to ensure the delivery of all printed material is top notch. We will deliver your project on time and on budget and ensure you are a very happy client before we celebrate.



our personality

Established in 2006, creative & digital studio, multi-disciplined, digital, social, mobile, branding, artists, designers, technicians, coders, 21st century studio for 21st century clients, fantastically creative, we engage audiences, create experience, forward thinkers, enthusiastic, independent, great ideas, unique, and we deliver.

our culture

We listen, we research, we create, we innovate, real people, talented individuals, forward thinkers, professional, passionate, doers, thinkers, reliable, can do attitude, challenging the ordinary, proactive, driven, creative, planners, executionists, free spirited. and we can get little bit geeky, sometimes

but above all

we truly believe in having a great, trustworthy and honest working relationship with our clients. It is our clients happiness that motivates us. If you would like to be a happy client, give us a bell or fill in and send us the contact form below.

we live, we work & we play in brighton

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